Free System Audit / Analysis

Schedule an appointment to determine what you need to improve system/network performance,

Recycle / Refurbish Program

Let us take care of the proper disposal of your computers / electronics. Working pieces donated to our Outreach Program.

Hardware Evaluation, Repair & Replacement

Our technicians will evaluate your best scenario for cost and future use.

You Hate Computers!

broken computer

Who Doesn't Hate Computers???

We know you hate computers, and that's why we are here... you need computer repair services! We offer a variety of computer repair services to help you and your business out when they are in a jam. Round the clock (24/7) emergency services will allow us to fix computers when you need it the most.

We also offer the following computer repair services:

We Get It!

Thats what we are here to do. You will be completely satisfied before we leave. We guarantee it will still be working properly after we leave. I know it's happened to you before. That feeling is the worst! My name is Nicholas Decker, and I've been helping local businesses with their computers in Southwest Florida for over 12 years. We don't play any games. We know your business is important to you, and that you need to be up and running, right away, and that is why we will deal with you right away. We will explain the problem in a way you can understand, and will make sure you understand what is going on. Let us help you out today, so you can rest easy tomorrow!